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Appliance repair services should be quick and responsive. Customers will expect efficient service and correct billing at their doorstep. Service requests can pile up if you don’t have an efficient system to handle them. Delayed responses and disorganized tracking can mean losing potential clients and money. Field Services CRM is what you need to organize your business efficiently and quickly.

Field Service CRM is a business management software specially designed for small to medium businesses. It is a powerful app with useful features such as customer management, job scheduling, and organizing invoices and payments.

Here at Field Service CRM, we strive to offer you the best software for any of your business management needs.

Top Features for Appliance Repair Business:

  • Customer Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Business Tracker
  • Invoice and Payment

Customer Management

With Field Service CRM, you can accommodate a customer’s appliance repair service request smoothly. Not only can you schedule their request instantly, but you can also communicate with them and keep important details for future job requests. We know you always want your customers to have a positive experience with your company, and Field Services CRM will be a part of it.

These are Field Service CRM’s features to enhance customer management:

  • Customer Chat
  • Customer Notifications
  • Customer Follow-Up


An appliance repair business is bound to have several small and large jobs that need efficient scheduling. Field Service CRM’s easy scheduling feature can give you a calendar overview of active jobs and the people working on them. This will help organize your staff and provide the correct schedule for customers.

Scheduling is simple and fast with Field Service CRM’s features:

  • Calendar Route Optimization
  • Drag and Drop Calendar
  • Map Integration

Estimates, Invoice, and Payment

As your appliance repair business grows, you need to have a more reliable system for releasing estimates, tracking invoices, and checking on payments for all types of customers. Having this will prevent from any uncollected payments and ensure professionalism for your business.

When dealing with estimates, invoice, and payments, Field Service CRM offers these benefits:

  • Clear and Professional Estimate Creation
  • Estimate Approval Feature
  • Credit Card Processing Online and In Person
  • Detail Payment and Invoice Activity

Business Optimization

Monitor your appliance repair business’ monthly performance whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, or desktop. This will give you an overview of the business and help you create winning strategies. It also has a platform to create engagement among employees and foster communication.

These features by Field Service CRM can grow business from within:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Communication Platform
  • Powerful Reporting

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