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Having convenient access and control of different parts of your auto mechanical business is vital to its survival and prosperity. This is why we, at Field Service CRM, are dedicated to providing the best auto mechanical management software out there.

Estimates, scheduling, invoicing, and customer notifications-- Field Service CRM provides all of these and more for your auto mechanical business. Our software will help you streamline your everyday business operations while providing you with easy access from anywhere and at anytime.

Field Service CRM is a top-tier business management software specially designed to aid your small to medium auto repair service. With our software's easy usability, you’ll be up and running in no time. Contact us today to receive your 14-day free trial!

Here at Field Service CRM, we offer specialized features that will optimize your daily business operations. Below are some of the elements that you can expect when working with us.

Top features for auto repair businesses:

  • Estimates
  • Contact Manager
  • Invoicing & Payment
  • Powerful Reporting


As your business grows, the pile of job requests you receive is bound to grow as well. One of the best ways to keep a potential client’s interest is by providing quick, reliable estimates that consider factors such as inventory usage, travel, and the time required for a service.

Field Service CRM’s estimate feature can help you retain customer interest in the following ways:

  • Clear and professional estimate creation
  • Easy estimate communication
  • Client estimate approval option
  • Simple conversion of estimates to jobs and invoices
  • Ability to attach files (including photos) to invoices

Sending out estimates is easier than ever, too! Through our software, you'll gain the ability to send quotes directly via SMS or email. Upon reviewing the quote, customers will have the option to accept or decline the quote on the spot.

Contact Manager

Tracking your customers’ info can be difficult, especially when documents keep piling up. Say goodbye to laboriously going through each customer’s file and say hello to your new virtual filing cabinet. Field Service CRM is designed to help you store and manage your customers’ details and contact information all in one place.

Here are some of the best benefits that stem from our contact manager feature:

  • Easy access to customer contact information
  • Customer communication features
  • Job overview
  • Customer web portal access
  • Historical reports for previous customer communication

Whether it be simple details or complex, in-depth data, our software can handle logging it all.

Invoicing & Billing

Handling a field service business like auto repair can be overwhelming, especially when your business caters to multiple transactions a day. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the industry for a long time, the key to a successful business is accurate invoicing & billing that lets you avoid any loss of profit. Field Service CRM is linked to other major accounting softwares, including Sage and QuickBooks, letting you “do it all,” all from one program.

With our invoicing & payment feature, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Seamless, accurate automated invoices
  • Bill for services, materials, or a set flat rate
  • Online and in-person payment processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Track payment activity

Invoicing and billing can be one of the most intensive parts of running an auto repair business, but you don't have to worry about these tasks anymore when you utilize Field Service CRM.

Powerful Reporting

Our CRM software can do more than just create invoices and make estimates. Unlike other softwares in the market, Field Service CRM’s software includes an omnipotent reporting feature that will let you keep track of your business’ every aspect.

Within our reporting feature, you’ll be able to extract specific data to gain invaluable insight into your business. Comprehensive reports will allow you to make strategic decisions for your business, while productivity reports will let you analyze how your team is performing and also track job summaries, including all relevant information pertaining to those jobs.

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