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Here at Field Service CRM, we aim to help you optimize your everyday business operations. We understand that having complete access and control of the different areas within your business is crucial for a smooth and efficient workflow. We offer a management software fit for many types of industries, including the building maintenance industry.

With our building maintenance software, you’ll be able to streamline all of your business operations. You can access the software from anywhere and at anytime you want. Ulitmately, you can trust Field Service CRM to assist you in improving the productivity of your building maintenance business.

Field Service CRM is a top-tier business management software specially designed to aid your small to medium bilding maintenance service. With our software's easy usability, you’ll be up and running in no time. Contact us today to receive your 14-day free trial!

Here at Field Service CRM, we offer specialized features that will optimize your daily business operations. Below are some of the elements that you can expect when working with us.

Top features for building maintenance businesses:

  • Estimates
  • Schediling
  • Job Overview
  • Powerful Mobile App


As your business grows, the pile of job requests you receive is bound to grow as well. One of the best ways to keep a potential client’s interest is by providing quick, reliable estimates that consider factors such as inventory usage, travel, and the time required for a service.

Field Service CRM’s estimate feature can help you retain customer interest in the following ways:

  • Clear and professional estimate creation
  • Easy estimate communication
  • Client estimate approval option
  • Simple conversion of estimates to jobs and invoices
  • Ability to attach files (including photos) to invoices

Sending out estimates is easier than ever, too! Through our software, you'll gain the ability to send quotes directly via SMS or email. Upon reviewing the quote, customers will have the option to accept or decline the quote on the spot.


In running a field service industry such as building maintenance proper scheduling is essential. Scheduling manually while catering to multiple customers a day can cause human error to factor in, creating problems with overlapping schedules, underbooking, or worse yet: forgotten appointments. When searching for the right software for your business, these kinds of errors must be minimal. Rest assured, though, you’ve come to the right place.

The highlights of scheduling with Field Service CRM include:

  • Daily route optimization on Google-integrated calendar
  • Unify teams remotely using the Field Service mobile app
  • Automated technician push notifications concerning job edits
  • SMS communication with team members

Through SMS communication with team members, you’ll be able to track individual job processes, which will let you meet deadlines and consequently prove your business’ reliability to customers.

Job Overview

Access all of a customers’ job details with the push of a button. This includes details on both current, active jobs and prior services rendered. Relevant information such as job history, location, service description, responding technicians, billing history, before and after pictures, and any other additional notes are also easily accessible from both the job overview and the contact manager tabs.

The job timeline, in conjunction with real-time updates, allows you to remain informed about any and all changes in a job’s status from the responding technicians.

Powerful Mobile App

Manage your business on-the-go with our powerful mobile app. You’ll have your daily business activities and all associated data at your fingertips for maximum productivity and performance anytime, anywhere.

Field Service CRM lets you stay connected by offering a modern software that gets the job done effortlessly. Our software is:

  • Mobile ready
  • Light and fast
  • User-friendly
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Protected by top-of-the-line security measures

As long as you and your team have a stable data connection, everyone can easily access schedules, jobs, payment procedures, and more, with our tried and tested software that provides an exceptional experience in the fastest and simplest way possible.

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If you are, then get Field Service CRM for your business today! Not only will it help manage your business easily, but it will also give you more time that can be used to either continue growing your business or to get back to doing the things you love.

Try our 14-day guaranteed risk-free trial to see if Field Service CRM is the right software for you. Join now and enter a world with less paperwork and a greater potential for business growth!

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