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When running an electrical company, knowing how to most efficiently manage your day-to-day tasks can impact your overall success. Since the electrical market is becoming increasingly more competitive, you need a software solution that will give you that competitive edge. This is where Field Service CRM can help.

From scheduling to invoicing, and many more, Field Service CRM will assist you in finding the most effective workflow management process for your business.

Field Service CRM is a business management software specifically designed for small to medium businesses, especially those in the electrical sector. Contact us today to receive a 90-day free trial and witness just how much Field Service CRM can do for you and your business!

Here at Field Service CRM, we strive to offer you the best software for all of your business management needs. Listed below are the features that we believe will most benefit the growth of your business.

Great Features for Your Electrical Business:

  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing & payment
  • Customer notifications
  • Customer management
  • Powerful reporting

Scheduling Jobs

Make your scheduling job easier with the help of our intuitive tool. Field Service CRM allows your company to sort out upcoming jobs based on various categories like type and complexity.

Plus, you can use our drag-and-drop scheduling tool to check the current position of your staff on the map. Our calendar layout is simple and you can navigate through the assigned and scheduled jobs with ease. With this information, it is easy to plan ahead and make better-informed business decisions for both your staff and customers.

  • Create jobs
  • Assign teams
  • Notify your team of job changes
  • Set arrival windows

Invoicing & Payment

Generate accurate invoices and in no time using data from completed jobs. Our invoicing features also allow you to track paid, sent, or past due invoices. Our payment feature makes it easy for your customers to make payments at the job location or through the client hub.

Customer Notifications

Customer experience matters for any electrician company. Use our software to remind customers that your team is on the way with automated and scheduled messages. You can use SMS texting to confirm appointments with customers and reschedule where necessary.

Customer Management

Both new and existing customers are key to your electrical business success. Maintain an organized customer history with Field Service CRM for easy reference and retrieval. It gives you customer information including invoices, estimates, and billing history.

Powerful Reporting

Comprehensive reports allow you to make strategic decisions for your business. Field CRM Service reporting option lets you extract specific data to gain invaluable insight into your business.

Get productivity reports to measure how your team is performing and project tracking reports of your job summaries and the cost to complete them.

  • Review conversions, incoming calls, and other CRM metrics
  • Track revenues and trends
  • Monitor technician scorecard
  • Use cloud-based sync to compile statistics in real-time

Upgrade Your Business with Field Service CRM!

Times are changing and upgrading your electrical business is key to remaining successful in this competitive field. By using Field Service CRM, you'll be able to run your business effectively while saving time and money for the things that matters most.

To take advantage of the full power of Field Service CRM, contact us today! Sign up for our 90-day guaranteed risk-free trial and see exactly why we are leading the market.

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