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Cleanliness is everyone’s concern for all kinds of clients. Maid cleaning services are a profitable business with potential clients year-round. This business involves precise scheduling, customer management, and proper cash management. Doing all of this manually can be difficult, and human error can occur. Field Service CRM’s specially designed software can help you grow your business.

Field Service CRM is programmed to manage the business efficiently with just a few clicks. It has features to help small to medium businesses improve their business without the heavy fees. These software features will ensure productivity and improve your business.

Field Service CRM is a maid service cleaning management software specially designed for small to medium businesses. Because our software is very easy to use and convenient, you’ll be up and running in no time. You can contact us today to receive your free trial!

Here at Field Service CRM, we strive to offer you the best software for any of your business management needs.

Main Features for your Maid Service Business:

  • Customer Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Communication Platform
  • Payment Tracker

Customer Management

The lifeline of a maid service cleaning business is knowing and keeping your customers. Field Service CRM lets you keep a client’s service record, communicate status via SMS, and provide a seamless transition from estimate to job confirmation.

Field Service CRM will help you keep your customers happy with these features:

  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Text Messaging
  • Provide Clear, Complete, and Professional Estimates
  • Customer Follow-Up
  • Cleaning Service Request History

Job Scheduling

Several job requests and multiple cleaning staff assignments can easily get confusing as the business grows. Field Service CRM has a job calendar feature where you can add and reschedule bookings with a click and drag. Avoid overbooking since you can monitor your cleaning staff's jobs and provide the best route for multiple jobs.

These Field Service CRM features can help simplify scheduling in your company:

  • Schedule Estimate Visits and Jobs in the Calendar
  • Route Optimization per Staff
  • See Available Dates and Even Set Recurring Jobs

Communication Platform

Field Service CRM’s live dashboard gives you a clear and complete picture of your business status. You will be able to see total income, active cleaning service requests, invoices sent, job status, and payment records. Knowing your business’ health is important to keep it going. This will help in tracking cleaning service trends and manage cash flow.

Here are the things from Field Service CRM that can give you a clear view of your business:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Communication Platform

Payment Tracker

Know your monthly gross sales by reviewing payments coming in the company. Easily track payments are made online and on-site using this feature.

Be on top of your company’s income with Field Service CRM’s features:

  • Payment and Invoice Tracker
  • Credit Card Processing Right After the Job

Efficiency and Effectivity in Your Palm

Getting the Field Services CRM software will help your maid service cleaning company manage your business's important aspects. It will make your business look more professional, increase reliability, and reduce the chances of damaging mistakes.

If you are not sure yet, try our free 14-day trial! We have a 90 days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, and you can cancel anytime. With Field Service CRM, free up your time and use it to level up the company to greater heights.

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