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As a painting business manager, it is essential for you to nurture your leads and manage your sales carefully. We understand that your business depends highly on a stream of jobs. A missed opportunity means missed income. This is where our Field Service CRM software comes in.

Our software is designed to help keep businesses, including those in the painting industry, organized and in check. We have made sure that Field Service CRM can cater to all of your business needs to help you grow your business without any headaches.

Field Service CRM is a painting business management software specially designed for small to medium businesses. Due to our software's easy usability and convenience, you’ll be up and running in no time. Contact us today to receive your 90-day free trial!

Here at Field Service CRM, we’re committed to providing the top management software for your painting business. To achieve this, we have built-in features that are specialized to optimize your daily business operations. Here are some of the features that you can expect when working with us.

Top Features for Painting Businesses:

  • Efficient Job Scheduling
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Plenty of Powerful Administrative Tools
  • Outstanding Technical Support

Enhanced sales process and employee productivity

Field Service CRM has a built-in scheduling tool. This means that your team can easily see any to-do tasks, upcoming meetings, job details, and other work-related tasks in a single view.

Also, our software allows you to send a notification to your sales team. You can easily retrieve customer contact details and see any previous interactions with your customers. Our software makes it easier for you to narrow down the details in your workplace.

Quick payments

Your painting business can now enjoy faster payments through the automated invoicing tool in our software. Using our CRM software gives you easy control over your invoices and methods of payments.

Painting construction estimates

Most customers prefer an easy-to-use interface that serves them promptly. Our CRM software has an estimation tool that offers customers a chance to operate using different online payment methods.

Therefore, they won't always have to call you to get estimates or make a payment. This feature is designed to promote efficiency and leave a decent impression on your clients.

Quickly and efficiently reach your customers

Our software has a map integration feature to help run your business more efficiently. You just have to choose the shortest and most convenient route to reach your customers, allowing you to save time and gasoline. While the savings may seem minor, they will help increase your profits and help you avoid substantial costs in the long run.

Our map integration system will help you:

  • Track your employees’ movements
  • Mark your clients’ exact coordinates to find out the best route to reach them
  • Use a convenient route that allows you to visit multiple clients in a day

Quick and accurate reports

Field Service CRM offers you the chance to analyze your business data and compute accurate statistics on your painting business's various processes. Our software can calculate:

  • Accounting reports for the desired period
  • Expense reports
  • Tax reports
  • Customer reports
  • Inventory sales reports

You will always have access to statistical and analytical reports on your dashboard. Moreover, you can export the reports or even print or download them for easier access.

Automated texts and emails

Field Service CRM has an integrated text and mailing list which allows you to manage your incoming texts and emails. This allows you to efficiently respond to potential customers and follow up on existing customers.

Get our CRM software today and never miss a bit of every activity in your business. You can enjoy a 90-day free trial to try out the features of our software. Check it out now!

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Running a painting business can be a hectic endeavor when you're going from house to house, property to property. With the demand for painting services rising, reliable software that can help you stay organized and let your business run smoothly is crucial. Field Service CRM can be that reliable software for your business. Contact us today and receive your 90-day trial, guaranteed risk-free!

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