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When it comes to running a pressure washing business, it’s not enough to have the right team and equipment for the job. It’s also vital that you have tools like Field Service CRM to help you out.

After all, catering to and managing numerous clients at once can be overwhelming, especially if they have multiple properties you need to look after. Each of these properties won’t just vary in size, but they will also differ in requirements.

With that said, availing of a tool like Field Service CRM can be beneficial in numerous ways. From keeping track of your clients’ information to optimizing your team’s routes, our software solution has everything you need to manage your pressure washing business.

Field Service CRM is a pressure washing service management software specially designed for small to medium businesses. Because our software is very easy to use and convenient, you’ll be up and running in no time. You can contact us today to receive your free trial!

So, what features does our CRM software have that can help your business?

Top Features for your Pressure Washing Service Business:

  • Customer Manager
  • Map Integration and Route Optimization
  • Scheduling and Jobs
  • Easy Payments

Customer Manager

Whether you’re catering to one client with several properties or finishing a one-time job, it’s crucial to keep track of your clients’ information if you want to keep everything running smoothly.

Our Field Service CRM software offers a convenient customer manager feature that allows you to do just that.

With this feature, you won’t just see your customer’s basic details and everything you need related to the task at hand. From the estimates to billing history, you can keep track of everything in one location.

Map Integration and Route Optimization

Are you servicing several properties in one day? In that case, it’s essential to find the best routes to take, so you and your team can always be on-time for your scheduled jobs.

With that said, you can manage your team’s time efficiently with our software’s map integration and route optimization features.

Just input your stops for the day, and the software will provide you with the route that maximizes your time and effort. Stay on-time and on-schedule with our CRM software today.

Scheduling and Jobs

With hectic schedules, it can be easy to have some jobs overlap, and you might end up double-booking your team members if you don’t have a clear picture of the schedule.

With that said, our CRM software solution has convenient calendar and scheduling features that allow you to overview what jobs are assigned to whom and when they’re doing them.

By having a clearer view of what’s scheduled for the day, you can avoid assigning two simultaneous jobs to your team. Aside from that, you can also see who’s currently available and assign the job to them.

Avoid scheduling issues and keep everything on track with Field Service CRM today.

Easy Payments

For clients with multiple properties, it might be easier for them – and you – if they pay for all job orders at once. Field Service CRM’s easy payment features will allow you to easily manage your business’s finances, especially when handling multiple properties for one client.

Field Service CRM also has a convenient credit card processing feature that allows you and your team members to process payments even while out on the field.

Never worry about payments again, especially since it also has a customer follow-up feature to remind them of any outstanding balances.

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